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Spotify may be working on a stand-alone car speaker

Spotify is poised to make a major announcement on April 24, and while the company hasn’t confirmed anything, there is a chance that the event will mark the launch of the company’s first piece of hardware. There is evidence to suggest that Spotify is working on an in-car controller or even a standalone music player.

Earlier this year, some Spotify customers received an announcement regarding the official Spotify Car Player, according to a thread on Reddit. The device would feature 4GB of RAM and will reportedly utilize voice controls. The ad mentioned that customers would be charged $13 a month for use of the device. The contract would last one year, meaning the device should cost roughly $155. The ad mentions that the device will be included in the price of the monthly fee, so it is possible that this price includes both the cost of the device and a premium subscription to Spotify.

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