Twitter Is Finally Letting Some Users Tweet With as Many as 280 Characters

September 27, 2017

Silicon Valley’s beloved blue bird is getting ready to tweet longer than ever before.


Few things have defined Twitter more than its 140-character limit per post. But now, the San Francisco-based company is getting ready to do the unthinkable—double the number of characters. Starting today, the platform will let a small number of people tweet with as many as 280 characters in most languages while still keeping the traditional count for character-based languages such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese.


In a blog post published today, Twitter product manager Aliza Rosen and senior software engineer Ikuhiro Ihara said some languages are more limited by the count than others. For example, tweets in Japanese use all 140 characters just .4 percent of the time, while tweets in English use the max 9 percent of the time. According to Rosen and Ihara, Japanese tweets usually only have 15 characters, while the average in English is 34.


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